h a p p y

I am happy, now. I could just hug the world for a moment. Tired - due to the time (quarter to twelve) - but happy af. Smiling, whilst writing a new blog post. This makes me even more happy. Honestly I’ve had an amazing night out, after four Christmas-come-together with the family. Which where fun as well don’t get me wrong, but also somehow exhausting.

Now, I’m trying to find words for at least a shorty (blog post), but due to the time I’m little bit struggling. My parents - well obviously my mom - won’t want to read this, but I could’ve said, that I stepped into a strangers car. It was a kinda meet up. Not the normal one, but we’ve texted the past couple of days a lot, so it’s not that of a fright - okay? We drove to a special place to be by ourselves, still in Vienna. To have a look over the big and busy city over night. Which somehow looked a bit like there where ferry lights on the several bridges over the Danube (to the 21. and 22. districts).
Getting to know a stranger online might not be the kind of date you would expect to have (or you think I would expect to have). But honestly, I’ve been dating guys online for a while now and never felt completely unsure about the date / the night. At some time I wish I never met person A or person B, but if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have known, how to handle the situation, to be honest.
So back to being happy and talking more about that night. Still smiling. I think I deeply needed this date - not only because of seeing someone else than my fam. AND just to say this straight away, I’ll not go into detail, cause of the gentleman and my privacy. Please respect that - i mean, it’s my fault if speaking bout it or sharing it with you, but more than telling the internet, that I’ve got an amazing night will not happen. #sorrynotsorry ☺️ he also dropped me off at my place, due to the (late) night.
I’m not really sure, if I’ve got a crush on him or not, but I’d like to have another date - maybe next year, cause this year is almost over.