recent favorite's ?

Starting something new in my Instagram Stories, like sharing my recent or all time favorite's with my followers - here with my readers (if anybody is actually reading this?)...



Can we just sit down for a minute and talk about podcast's? The past couple of days or weeks I somehow got into listening to podcast's. I cannot quite explain how this happened - but happy to tell that it happened. I feel so much more relaxed after listening to a podcast. I might be happy as well, because I now know which options I can choose from, if I don't want to watch Netflix. I mean, don't get me wrong - I knew before. I could've just grabbed myself a book and start reading - or cleaning the flat. But we all know, this would never happen, right?

Currently listening to #TWENTYSOMETHING Podcast by Lina Mallon on Spotify, A Mindful Mess from Dariadaria on Spotify and You Rock My Life - Coffee Talk fromNina Wrodnigg on Spotify.


2. BOOKs

I would lie, if I tell you, that I always have been loving books (to read) - not only looking at their cover and info on the backside. I think, I hated it a life time - but with my almost twentytwo young years I learn to love reading books again. WOW - that needs to be celebrated, honestly!


I'm currently reading more than one book and yes, it's somehow easy for me dive into every story and carry on, where I stopped at first. I just started a new book. It's a german written book, from an Austrian Author. Beate Maxian with one of her books called "Der Tote vom Zentralfriedhof". Maybe going to do a review about the book on the blog. Let's see how it goes.



I mean, you could never go wrong with music. It's something I listen almost 24/7 - and I'm not even joking 'bout that. Spotify (again - not sponsored) is my jam and has done something awesome the last year. On www.2017wrapped.com you could recap how many minutes you've been listening to music. I think I went a bit over board by listening to 119,594 minutes of music, 8,092 different songs from 4,433 different Artists. That is bloody much and I might top it this year - well, actually,... yeah, I think I'm going to top it (I will update you at the end of 2018).



Could I put this into a "recent favorite's"? - Yes, why the hell should I not?

I mean, I don't love my skin how it looks at the moment, but I'm working on it. And as not being healthy lately I know the reason why my skin in the face is spotty.


  • First reason? I still tend to eat sweets, which I actually shouldn't, because of the sugar in it. But I also think girls can relate - it's only that one week before you're on your period.
  • Second reason? I give my skin way to less attention and have too little time for pamper sessions - which I actually should do more (once a week, maybe on sundays?)
  • Third reason? As already told in the first reason, my period is part of all these pimples/spots - nothing more to say about that.


See you soon, cheers!

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